The Peruvian Paso Horse
Peruvian paso horses

The Peruvian Paso is the smoothest gaited horse in the world. Descended from the horses of  the Conquistadors, Peruvian horses possess the royal heritage of the Spanish breeds. A fiery spirit and gentle nature in a horse willing to work and eager to please. The Peruvian Paso, the horse designed for the comfort and enjoyment of the rider.

  The gait of Peruvian Paso horse accounts for the smooth ride. It is a four beat lateral pattern with the footfalls being : right hind -- right front -- left hind -- left front. The execution trends slightly to the laterals particularly with increasing speed.  By any description, the result is the smoothest ride of any breed of horse. For riding pleasure, the ultimate is the Peruvian Paso.

Peruvian paso horses

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Peruvian paso horses
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Peruvian paso horses

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Peruvian paso horses
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