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Peruvian Paso Breeding Stallions
     The choice of a Peruvian Paso breeding stallion is an important one, but do not forget the mare. To produce a good offspring the qualities of both parents need evaluation. Always strive to produce a "correct" animal. If the mare has a conformation fault, select a Peruvian Paso stallion having correct conformation in that trait. Do not overcompensate, i.e.  a mare with long (over-angulated) hind legs should not be bred to a stallion with short (post) legs, but to one with correct hind leg conformation. Look at the whole animal for harmony, avoiding tunnel vision to one or several parts.
     The information on the Peruvian Paso stallions listed is provided by the owners. Inquire to the owners any questions about them.Check the offspring. Are they consistent ? Do they have the look you are striving to achieve ?

Go to the   Stallion Index   to find the perfect match.
Have a Peruvian Paso stallion. List it here. A full page will be provided per horse. So get out your pictures and writing skills. Submit the page exactly as you want it displayed or provide the info and have it written for you.

The cost to list a stallion is  $25.00  for a six month listing, paid in advance.
Submit your Peruvian Paso stallion by one of the following methods.
By mail send all info and payment to;

The Peruvian Paso
 9 74  FM  751
WIlls Point, Texas  75169

If you would like your pictures returned, include a stamped self-addressed envelope.
You may also sent a disk containing your info and pictures. Pictures should be .jpg , .gif or .tiff  format.
Make checks payable to Brad Kruger.
By  using the Contact Form

Just type your info and attach pictures. Send that info using the contact form.

Then pay by clicking  the PayPal logo. You may pay for more than one month or renew a listing here. Safe,secure and we never see your credit card numbers.

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