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Peruvian Paso Natural HorsemanshipTraining
 A Happy Horse = a Happy Horse Owner
The training of your Peruvian Paso horse is very important. Not only for your enjoyment but for the enjoyment of the horse. The horse is a very social animal wanting leadership and companionship. Let yourself into the horse's world. Be a good leader so your horse can be a good follower. Be trusting, respectful and kind and your horse will trust, respect, and be kind to you. Open your mind to forming a partnership with your horse. A partnership in which you and your Peruvian Paso horse are both winners.
Training Methods
The training of your Peruvian Paso horse should be based on the above premise. Training utilizing the natural instincts of the horse to accomplish it's goals is the preferred method. The natural methods and natural horsemanship  recently becoming popular have been around for centuries and have always been the best training philosophies.
There is no need to use fear, pain, harsh methods or harsh equipment. Instead remove the horse's fear to create the environment for the horse to learn. Build the horse's confidence and respect in you as a leader with patient respectful teaching of exercises in a progression the horse can understand. Engage and build the horse's mind as well as his body. Make the training enjoyable for you and your horse.

Owner Responsibilities
The horse is bigger, stronger and faster so we must be smarter. A responsible horse owner should do the following.  Educate yourself in natural horsemanship. Observe and play with your Peruvian Paso horse to learn how his mind really works. Become mentally, emotionally and physically fit if you want your horse to be the same. And for your horse to be a good follower, you must be a good leader.
It is also your responsibility to find a trainer to work with you and your Peruvian Paso horse to fulfill these responsibilities. Find a trainer using natural methods that you feel compatible working with and feel comfortable and confident allowing that trainer to work with your horse. Remember your horse is trusting you to be a good leader.

Recommended Trainers
The Peruvian Paso Web site recommends employing a trainer using natural horsemanship as their sole training methodology. Following this criteria we recommend you contact ;

Brad Kruger
Ghost Rider Ranch & Training Center
974  FM  751
Wills Point, Texas 75169

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