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Determine Horse Mature Height

Horse Height  -  How Big Will a Yearling Grow
  Have you wondered how tall your yearling will grow or if your horse is finished growing. Here is an easy and accurate method for estimating mature height. The estimates will work for any horse one year of age or older. To determine the estimated mature height of your horse follow the steps below.

Step 1
Use a tape, string, or stick to measure the distance from the point at the rear of the front fetlock to the point of the elbow. These points are indicated in the illustration below and the distance designated as distance A.

Step 2
Extend the tape, string, or stick distance A from the same point of the elbow straight upward over the withers. This is illustrated as distance B. Distance A and B must be identical.

Foal height estimation
This will estimate the mature height of your horse.  To estimate the distance in hands, multiply the measurement of distance A  by two and add the distance  from the point of the fetlock to the ground. A hand is equal to 4 inches. Divide the total number of inches measured by 4 to arrive at the height in hands. As an example; a measurment of 58 inches will equal 14.2 hands.  It is easy, it works, so have fun!

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